John 1:1 Exposing the False "Evidence" of the Jehovah's Witnesses

In an appendix in their publication, The Kingdom Interlinear Translation, the Jehovah’s Witnesses quote as authorities on Greek grammar, from Drs. H E Dana and J R Mantey, Dr Samuel Green, and Dr A T Robertson. These scholars works have been MISQUOTED to give the IMPRESSION, that they actually support their demonic reading of John 1:1, “and the Word was a god”. I am here providing direct evidence from the actual works of these scholars, so that all can see the LIES that the Jehovah’s Witnesses use, to continue to promote their evil teachings on the Lord Jesus Christ.

The first image is from The Kingdom Interlinear Translation appendix, to show their FALSE claims:

Now I will give the three Greek authorities that are quoted in this appendix, do DISPROVE the LIES

H E Dana and J R Mantey

In 1974 Dr Mantey wrote to the Watchtower, publishers of the Kingdom Interlinear Translation, where he is very clear of their misuse and misquoting of him for their false teaching on Jesus Christ. A copy of this letter is here

Samuel Green

A T Robertson

It is VERY CLEAR from each work, that these Greek authorities, are in full agreement, that John 1:1 reads in English, “and the Word was God”.

WHY the need to provide FALSE evidence, if what you believe and teach, is FACT?